Conversation, 1997

“It must be very expensive running all these security cameras.”
“Oh yes, why is that, Dad?”
“Well, think of the cost of getting all the film developed.”

The Old Man was then 74 years old. In September 2009, he turned 87.

[Original posting 8 September 2009]

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3 Responses to Conversation, 1997

  1. Lol that’s brilliant! I don’t think my children even know that cameras once had film inside! :-)


  2. Sorry, misread this the first time and just realised that it was the Old Man who said the comment (my brain read it as Little Man). I can imagine security cameras would be very expensive if you had to get the film developed!


    • BLEKE says:

      No problem — I’m pleased to get a comment on such an old posting! (This was the second posting on the blog.) My father did eventually equip himself with a digital camera.
      Thank you for following me on Twitter.


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