Diabetes, cancer, medication

Several years ago, the Old Man was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
His eyesight is poor, but there has not been much deterioration lately.
He gave up smoking in the early 1980s. In 2009 he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which may have metastasised to his spine.
He understands about the diabetes, but he does not seem to have taken it on board that he has cancer.
He coughs occasionally.
His knees are painful, so he cannot walk far.

The Old Man’s prescribed medication is, at a minimum, seven pills / tablets / capsules per day.
His medication became more complicated in early 2009. Until then I had only hazy notions of what medication he was on. Since then I have been phoning him morning and evening to make sure that he takes the right medication at the right time.
After a thyroid test in September 2009, he was put on levothyroxine, which increased his minimum daily medication from six items to seven. A box of 28 levothyroxine tablets was delivered to his house, but he didn’t understand why, and thought that perhaps the new tablets were a replacement for his existing medication. On my latest visit to him, one of the bubble-packs of levothyroxine had gone missing from its box, and despite searching carefully I could not find it. I have had to ask the GP surgery for a repeat prescription ahead of time.

[Original postings 11 & 14 September 2009]

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