Conversations, Summer 2009

The Old Man and I were watching TV one Sunday morning. On Sky News, Henry Kelly was reviewing the newspapers. The Old Man asked me, “Is he American?” Henry Kelly looks Irish and sounds Irish.
“No, Dad, he’s Irish.”
“Then why does it say ‘US MAIL’ on the screen?”
There was no caption on the screen at that moment, so I couldn’t come up with any explanation either for the Old Man or for myself.
Then the caption reappeared.
“Dad, it doesn’t say ‘US MAIL’, it says ‘EMAIL US’.”


“What’s that say, ‘Brown’s bonus plodge’?” (The Old Man was referring to a newspaper headline that was being shown on a TV news programme.)
“No, Dad, ‘Brown’s bonus pledge’.”

[Original posting 25 September 2009]

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