Old and new

Getting the Old Man organised to take his morning medication is more of a struggle some days than others. One day in September 2009 I was on the phone to him for about twenty minutes. He had difficulty in identifying and finding what he needed to take.
“Why do you call it ‘endroflumethiazide’?” the Old Man asked me. It’s bendroflumethiazide.”
“That’s what I say, Dad. Bendroflumethiazide.”
The box of amlodipine was empty, and he couldn’t find the new box, which should have been in a plastic bag to the left of his armchair. I asked him to throw away the old empty box and search for the new one. Three times he told me, “I’ve found the box, but there’s none in.” — so he clearly hadn’t thrown the old box away. “Throw it away, it’s confusing you,” I told him. (This problem has occurred previously.)
When he did find the new box and I asked where it had been, he told me, “I was sat on it.”

[Original posting 26 September 2009]

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