Sunlit Uplands

More reminiscences from the Old Man:
“I became a member of the Sunlit Uplands Golf Club in 1977, at first as a 5-day member and then as a 7-day member when there was a vacancy.
“At the clubhouse I used to play snooker on Tuesday and Friday evenings. My partner was Mr AJ, and our opponents were Mr GF and Mr JS. Mr JS made cues, for himself and for other people including myself. We didn’t play for money or even for drinks, just for the game itself. Mr GF was a master of safety play. He eventually moved to Railtown or somewhere near there, to be with his family, and I believe he has now died, as has Mr JS. Mr JS and Mr GF were both several years older than myself.
“I met Mr AJ and his wife again in 2007, at the care home where the Deceased Lady had lived from 2002 to 2005. Mr AJ had recently become a resident there, at the age of 85.”

Eventually, the Old Man could no longer get round the golf course. He decided not to renew his membership of the Sunlit Uplands club, as a social member, because when he went to clear out his locker in late 2008 (it was the first time for many months that had been at the club) he found that being in the clubhouse brought back too many memories of the Deceased Lady.

The Old Man seconded Mr CJ for membership of the club.

[Original posting 5 November 2009]

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