Another Saturday: hard work at MegaGroce

MegaGroce was busier that afternoon than it is at our normal shopping-time. There were no shopping-trolleys available at the entrance to the store, and so I had to fetch a trolley from the car-park.
Often at MegaGroce, if I turn my back on the Old Man for what seems like a few seconds, I find that he has disappeared. It happened two or three times that afternoon. Then when I did locate him again, he would say, “We need some fish fingers.” [Or whatever.]
“We haven’t got to that section yet!” I kept telling him.
When we loaded up the trolley with frozen food, I remembered that I had to get the Old Man a new bottle of multivitamins.
“Stay here!” I told him, and I headed off to the pharmacy section.
This must have been the most expensive trip the Old Man and I have ever made to MegaGroce.
The experience of MegaGroce on a Saturday afternoon reinforced my opinion that it is easier for us to do the Old Man’s shopping before lunch, if we can.

[Original posting 9 November 2009]

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