December Saturday: who?

I asked the Old Man whether he had put his bin out to be emptied on the Friday. He said not. That afternoon, I picked up a piece of rubbish from the drive, and went to put it into the bin. The bin was empty.
Indoors, I said to the Old Man that Mr CJ must have put the bin out for him.
“Or Mrs PM,” he replied.
I told him that this was unlikely, as she lives several doors away and is not in good health. [And from Mrs PM’s house, it is not possible to see whether the Old Man’s bin has been moved onto the pavement.]
The Old Man didn’t accept the logic of this. “When I went to bed too early, Mrs PM was here when I came downstairs.”
“No, Dad, that was Mrs CJ. Mrs PM played no part.”
I assured him that it was Mrs CJ who had been there, and that I had phoned her and asked her to help.
He would not have it.

[Original posting 17 December 2009]

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