December Monday: MegaGroce whinge

I stayed an extra day with the Old Man.
We had gone shopping at MegaGroce on the Saturday, but on the Monday morning we went there again.
I suggested that he should buy himself some new trousers. [He needs some.] When I found a pair that looked suitable, and suggested that he should try them on, it triggered a major whinge:
“My knees hurt today.” [They hurt every day.]
“I’ll come another day and try them on.” [That Monday morning, there was hardly anyone in the store, so it would have been a convenient time for trying clothes on. MegaGroce is always busy on Saturdays, our normal day for shopping.]
“I’ll come here on my own.”
“How are you going to do that, Dad?” I asked.
I put the trousers back on their rack.

[Original posting 24 December 2009]

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