Sunday 31-1-10: special cleaning, no special trip, no visitors, eye-test

Almost all the window-sills in the Old Man’s house were long overdue for a thorough clean. I had begun the job on the Saturday and I continued on the Sunday.
On the Sunday I also de-cluttered the bathroom.


The Old Man suggested that we should have a run out, for the sole and specific purpose of testing that his new ATM card worked. I told him that we were not going anywhere that day, and reminded him that we would be going shopping on the Monday.


The Old Man asked whether we should be receiving a visit that day. When I told him that we should not, he asked whether we should be receiving a visit on the Monday.


I asked the Old Man whether he had received a letter to remind him that his annual eye-test was due. He said he had not. When I said that I ought to contact the hospital about the eye-test, he replied that if I did, he would not attend any appointment that I arranged. To arrange an eye-test for him would not be doing him a favour — new glasses would be an unwelcome additional expense, and for little or no benefit. Now that he was no longer driving, it did not matter if his vision was not good.
I told him that he was being childish.

[Original postings 12 February 2010]

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