Struggling (D)

On Monday 22 February 2010, when I phoned to supervise the Old Man’s evening medication, there was no reply although I let the phone ring about thirty times. I tried again with the same result. Then I contacted Mrs CJ who willingly agreed to go and investigate. While she was on her way I phoned the Old Man a third time and he answered the phone. He told me he had been asleep. As I began supervising his medication, Mrs CJ arrived — she later told me that she had first gone to the French doors at the rear of the living-room and had seen the light on, and had then let herself in via the front door of the house. In the evening medication I included an ibuprofen.
It was now about 20:30, and the Old Man said he was tired and planned to go to bed. I agreed that he should go to bed without delay. I then phoned Mrs CJ and had quite a long conversation with her. She gave me some information that I had not previously been given:
Dr A had suspected that the Old Man had suffered a mini-stroke, on the basis that his speech was slurred. She would prescribe soluble aspirin as a treatment. (I now told Mrs CJ about the similar case of Mr SP’s mother-in-law.) Dr A had reckoned that the circular rug in the Old Man’s living-room was a safety hazard, and she and Mrs CJ had folded it up.
I told Mrs CJ that “if humanly possible” I would come to Peakville on Wednesday 24 February and stay for the rest of the week. “And then we’ll see.”

[Original posting 7 March 2010]

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