Unscheduled Friday

The Old Man got up not long after 05:00, but went back to bed of his own volition.
When he saw on TV that the Lloyds Banking Group had made a loss, the Old Man wanted to go to the ATM and withdraw “some money”. He does not have a current account with Lloyds.
I wrote a letter detailing the Old Man’s stock of medication, and took the letter first to the chemist’s and then to the GP surgery. At the surgery, one of the people I spoke with was the person I had contacted by telephone on 19 February 2010 — it had not been Dr F on the line the previous Friday. The two female admin staff decided that they would consult Dr C about the best course of action.
While I was out of the room that afternoon, the Old Man received a phone call. He told me that a woman from St Griselda’s had expressed annoyance that he had not come to lunch the day before.
That afternoon, the Old Man twice complained about his painful knees:
“I’m falling to pieces,” he said, and “I’m cracking up.”
At 18:06 I received a phone call from the GP surgery. It had been decided that the Old Man would be receiving one repeat prescription for all his medication, every 28 days, and that this new régime would start on Saturday 13 March 2010. Any unused stock could then be disposed of.
While the Old Man and I were watching Time Team, the name of the archaeologist Phil Harding appeared on a caption. The Old Man remarked that to him, this seemed to be a familiar name. Although the Old Man has watched Time Team before, we quickly agreed that he was probably thinking of Gilbert Harding.

[Original posting 11 March 2010]

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