Saturday 13-3-10

The Old Man seemed slightly confused again that morning, when I arrived at Peakville — but he had only just got up.
At the chemist’s I had collected his prescription, which now included soluble/dispersible aspirin. I got the Old Man to take one, plus a levothyroxine which he had run out of. (At first, I incorrectly got out a tablet of gliclazide.)
There was no bin-liner in the pedal-bin, as I had forgotten to put in a new one when I took out the rubbish at the end of my previous visit. On the draining-rack, there was a foil tray containing used teabags. I detected a smell of burning in the kitchen, but there was nothing in the oven. There were plates that had to be washed up.
At 11:01 we received another spam phone call. “Congratulations!” began the recorded voice. I barred that caller’s number also.
We did not need to go shopping at MegaGroce.
At Bert’s, the blue car and the grey car were parked on the forecourt. Inside, there were more customers than I have seen for quite a few weeks. Short Woman was wearing a blue pinafore, and Tall Woman a pink-and-white-check pinafore. Tall Woman has a leaf/petal/stem tattoo on the nape of her neck — this was the first time that I had noticed it.
When I was leaving the house to drive to Bert’s, the Old Man had said that he would use his urine-bottle. When I got back, he said that he had used it — but obviously he had not, as it was empty. When the time arrived for the Old Man’s evening medication, it became clear that he had used his water-bottle (which started life as a MegaGroce milk-bottle) as a urine-bottle. I threw it away, and got him a new ex-milk water-bottle.

[Original posting 13 March 2011]

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