Sunday 14-3-10

When the Old Man got dressed that morning, he put on his brown-and-white golf-shirt, which was dirty. I made him change into the green long-sleeved golf-shirt.
During his morning medication session, the Old Man became confused between his water-bottle and his never-yet-used urine bottle. Will he be able to cope with the need to take dispersible aspirin as well as all his other medication?
I felt rough that morning. There was no apparent cause.
At about 12:30, we went to MegaGroce to do some shopping. While I queued up at the checkout, the Old Man sat on the bench at the far side of the checkouts, and talked with a girl who was probably three years old. Her mother was also there, with a push-chair in which a baby may have been riding — but I could not see the baby from where I was.
One of the two Sky remote controls had been missing all weekend. It turned up on a small table in the dining-room.

[Original posting 14 March 2011]

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