Friday 19-3-10

“I don’t know whether somebody’s been in, the lady next door… but I haven’t a slice of bread,” the Old Man said to me on the phone that morning. He confirmed that he had had no breakfast. I reminded him about the two loaves in the freezer compartment.
When I called again, the Old Man’s phone was engaged. On the third try, I got through. The Old Man had been on the phone to Mr & Mrs CJ, asking them to get him some bread. “Did you look in the freezer?” I asked him.
Eventually he looked in the freezer compartment, and found the bread.
At 21:30 he drowsily asked me:
“Do I have to go back to…?” (He meant, on Saturday 20 March.)
I told him, no.

[Original posting 19 March 2011]

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