Easter Monday 5-4-10

Paranoid delusions have set in.
First thing that morning, the Old Man was complaining “The money’s gone”, but then he clarified that he was still talking about his building society passbook.
He wanted me to come and see him as soon as possible. I told him that I was due to visit him at the weekend.
By about 09:20 he was complaining that some money had also gone missing from the bedroom, but he stayed vague about how much.
“I can’t tell you how serious this is,” he said; and “I’ll have no bedroom left.”
I said that I would try to come and see him on Thursday 8-4-2010.
Now he claimed that he had seen his passbook a couple of days before, but that it kept being moved. He had himself put the passbook on top of the wardrobe, but it had vanished from there.
I offered that we could go to the building society and check whether there had been any unauthorised withdrawals. He countered that a thief would not have made a withdrawal straight after stealing the passbook.
The Old Man phoned me ten or fifteen minutes later, to tell me that he had found the missing cash, in the china-cabinet. But he was still rather agitated (though not as much as earlier that morning) about what had allegedly gone missing from, or been moved in, the bedroom.
When I phoned him after lunch he sounded much more positive, and he did not mention the passbook.

[Original posting 5 April 2011]

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