Tuesday 6-4-10

The Old Man phoned me at 07:25. He was very agitated, and begged me to come to Peakville immediately. I told him this was not possible. He didn’t want to take his medication, and I had to speak firmly to him.
Please, BLEKE!” he urged me, sometime towards 08:00. I agreed to come and see him. He was agitated about his passbook, and letters addressed to Mr & Mrs CJ that he alleged he had found in his bedroom. “I’m being set up.”
“I’ll make sure you don’t come to any harm,” I reassured him.

I set off at about 12:30, and arrived at 16:00. (When I had told the Old Man how long the journey would take, he had responded that he thought it would take two hours.) When I arrived, he asked me whether he had been out shopping with me that afternoon. I told him no, I had just arrived. He said that he must have been dreaming.
There was the usual chaos of unwashed dishes, crumbs and fruit-peelings. Nearly all the bread had been eaten. I asked him what he would have been eating if I hadn’t come to Peakville until Saturday, as per schedule. He had no answer.
The Old Man didn’t mention any of the things that had been worrying him — until 17:40, when he mentioned the passbook. I looked for it after supper and couldn’t find it.
“You’ll not find it,” said the Old Man. “I told you, and you wouldn’t believe me.” Exasperatingly, he made these remarks several times, until I told him to put a sock in it. But he was now much calmer about the passbook etc than he had been than morning on the phone. When I expressed doubts that Mr CJ was the one who had moved the passbook, the Old Man said:
“So you’d rather believe the man next door than believe me.” I told him that believing didn’t come into it.
In the afternoon, the Old Man asked me several times when the General Election would take place (a General Election was announced today, for 6 May 2010), and when his recycling bin would be emptied. (I had phoned the council not long after I arrived, to notify them that, contrary to the terms of the dispensation granted to the Old Man, only his rubbish-bin was being emptied. The recycling bin is to be emptied on Friday 16 April 2010.)

[Original posting 6 April 2011]

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