Tuesday 13-4-10

At 07:25 the Old Man sounded almost as though back to normal. (“Normal” for 2009 or early 2010, that is.) But then he started telling me that someone had been in the house overnight. “I saw someone in front of me,” he said.
“Standing in front of you?”
He clarified that what he meant was that when he came downstairs shortly before 06:00, someone was just exiting via the front door. “I swear to God [that it’s true].”
At 08:05 I started the main session of supervising the Old Man’s morning medication. I got him to take the gliclazide, bendroflumethiazide, amlodipine and levothyroxine tablets from the sandwich-box. But when I then got him to check what tablets he had put onto the coffee-table, he said that he could see only one small white tablet. There was no way to tell whether this was bendroflumethiazide or levothyroxine, so I told him to throw it away. When I asked where he had disposed of it, he told me that he had put it into the glass cup he uses for his dispersible aspirin. So I told him to put the little white tablet into the waste-basket. Then I got him to take another bendroflumethiazide and another levothyroxine tablet from the sandwich-box.
Finally I reminded the Old Man that the doctor would be paying him a visit at lunchtime.
The evening medication sessions went well. The Old Man did not mention the doctor. However he did say: “You’ll have to keep an eye on me, BLEKE. […] I’m losing my mind.” He clarified that he was becoming forgetful, but he did not mention anything specific.
There was no reply when I phoned later in the evening, to get the Old Man to take his final co-codamol.

[Original posting 13 April 2011]

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