Tuesday 20-4-10: bubble-pack

I told the Old Man he should now take a lansoprazole capsule.
“Ransoprazole,” I heard him say to himself.
On Sunday 18 April 2010, I had left a bubble-pack of gliclazide on the coffee-table, with a knife, so that the Old Man could replenish his supply of half tablets. I now asked him whether he had cut some of the tablets in half — he said not. I asked him whether the bubble-pack of gliclazide was still on the coffee-table. The Old Man said that he couldn’t see anything there, so I reckoned that perhaps he had put the bubble-pack away into the sandwich-box.
Then the Old Man, sounding rather puzzled, asked me: “What do you mean, ‘double-path’?”
It turned out that the Old Man had left the bubble-pack on the coffee-table after all.

[Original posting 20 April 2011]

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