Wednesday 5-5-10: repeat prescription

The Old Man’s speech was a little slurred at breakfast-time, but it had improved when I phoned again after 08:00. The morning medication session went smoothly, with one hitch: the Old Man claimed to have put the dispersible aspirin into the glass cup, to have poured water into the cup and to have stirred the water with the spoon; but I had not heard the spoon tinkling against the cup. So I told him to give another stir. This time I heard the usual tinkling sound.
At lunchtime I phoned the GP surgery and ordered a repeat prescription: this comprised all items of the Old Man’s standard prescribed medication except ferrous sulphate which the Old Man had started taking regularly only the previous Thursday, plus Lactulose which he had drunk the last of on the Monday afternoon. I also asked the chemist’s to deliver the prescription, which they said they might be able to do on Friday 7 May 2010 but perhaps not until the following Monday.
By evening the Old Man sounded tired. He had difficulty tuning in the Manchester City versus Tottenham Hotspur football match on Sky, but eventually he managed to do it.

[Original posting 5 May 2011]

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