Thursday 13-5-10: the lunch club

Again the Old Man sounded depressed. To my surprise, he told me that St Griselda’s had contacted him on Tuesday 11 May 2010 to ask whether he would be going to the lunch club and he had told them he would not. His new prescription still had not been delivered.
I phoned Mrs CJ at about 08:30 and asked her to drop in on the Old Man sometime during the day, to check that he was all right. She willingly agreed to go round in the afternoon; that morning, she would be out with her daughter. She reminded me that her late mother had gone through phases of negativity, and that often, if she wanted her mother to do something, she would “plant a seed” and in the fulness of time she would find that her mother had adopted the idea and now thought that she had come up with it herself.
Mrs CJ left me a voicemail in the afternoon: she had gone round and knocked “very hard and loud on the door” but there had been no response. She had not wanted to let herself in using her key.
I phoned the Old Man at 17:45. After a little while, he answered. He told me that he had been out to lunch; “the lady” had phoned him to ask whether he was coming, and he had said yes. At first he was not sure what he had had for lunch, but when I made some suggestions and mentioned pie, he said that he had had pie, “a good pie”.
Then I phoned Mrs CJ. She had gone round to the Old Man’s house at about 14:35; so probably he had still been at the lunch club. I thanked her for her help.

[Original posting 13 May 2011]

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