Wednesday 19-5-10: incoherence and deafness

At 07:25 the Old Man told me that he had “only just got up”. He sounded refreshed.
I told him the lansoprazole was now a two-colour capsule, but he misunderstood me and got two capsules out of the bubble-pack. He agreed to put one of them back.
When I called at 08:00 he was not as coherent as he had been at 07:25, and he was mumbling. He kept asking, “Where’s that?” when I told him what was the next tablet to find.
I suggested that he should have fish fingers for lunch.
In the evening the Old Man sounded half-asleep, and his speech was a bit slurred.
“The hat is in my ears.” [sic] I think he meant that his sun-hat was covering his ears, and that this was why he couldn’t understand what I was saying.
I described the simvastatin as an oval pink pill.
“Ovaltine?” he asked.
He said “Good gracious me.” — as he often does — when I told him to swallow all five items of medication with water.
At 21:30 he admitted he was tired (he certainly sounded it!), and said he was going to bed.

[Original posting 19 May 2011]

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