Monday 24-5-10: remote (lack of) control

“Can’t you let me [have] my breakfast?” the Old Man asked me, at morning medication time.
“No, I’ve got to get to work!”
A new variant: “Lanscoprazole.” He found the capsule, and then he asked:
“What about it?” [i.e. what should he do with it.]
He claimed that he had drunk the dispersible aspirin straight after giving it one stir. When I phoned again at 08:15, he said he hadn’t drunk the aspirin! I got him to stir it and drink it.
There was a long pause while he found the bendroflumethiazide.
There was another long pause while he searched for the levothyroxine; then he asked what he should be looking for.
I told him to take the six tablets he had mustered; then I twice heard the spoon tinkling against the cup. When I asked, he confirmed that he had put all the tablets into the water. I advised him that there was no need to.
There was no response when I phoned the Old Man at 20:30+ and 21:00+. (I had spoken to him twice previously that evening.)

[Original posting 24 May 2011]

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