Tuesday 25-5-10: medication muddle

At breakfast-time I phoned the Old Man several times, but there was no reply. Finally at 07:45 he answered the phone. He said that he had been in the bathroom. I informed him that he had gone to bed without taking his Monday evening medication.
“Are you toasting?” I asked him.
He asked where the dispersible aspirin was.
“In the sandwich-box.”
“Not on the table?”
Then when he found it, he called it:
“Disturbable aspirin.”
He asked what day it was.
“Goodness me. I thought it was Sunday.”
He took up the box of bendroflumethiazide, and from the label he read:
“Two point five milligrams.”
The box was empty, so I told him to get the new box of bendroflumethiazide from the plastic bag.
At first he was looking in a MegaGroce bag.
When he looked in the correct plastic bag, he could not find any bendroflumethiazide.
The box of amlodipine was also empty.
We moved on to levothyroxine, which he called:
When looking for the levothyroxine in the sandwich-box, the Old Man found the new box of amlodipine in there. However, he could not find the levothyroxine.
That evening, I asked the Old Man whether he had had tea.
“I’ve had a banano [sic] and some toast.”
I got him to search for the plastic bag that contained his new prescription (including bendroflumethiazide and levothyroxine), but he could not find the bag.

[Original posting 25 May 2011]

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