Thursday 3-6-10: words not registering

The Old Man could not find his lansoprazole at all. He mistakenly looked in each of the three boxes. He took his dispersible aspirin at once.
Of his tablets, he said:
“It would be far better if you came down here and did them.”

We moved on to the other tablets, in the same session. Three times I asked him to find the bendroflumethiazide, and he offered:
He called the amlodipine “amlodyti”; and he offered ed co-codamol instead, three or four times. The amlodipine could not be found.
Looking for the levothyroxine, he found the amlodipine.
The Old Man found and swallowed the levothyroxine. He said he’d already taken his gliclazide. He found and swallowed two co-codamol, but still could not find the bendroflumethiazide.
I reminded him that today was lunch-club day.
“I’m not going to that place.”
When I reminded him (twice) that he should eat an orange and a banana today, he twice repeated that he wasn’t going [i.e. to the lunch club] and then he rang off. I rang back with the same message; he still misunderstood.
“I’m not interested.” And again he rang off.

The word “tablets” didn’t register with the Old Man. I spelt it out a couple of times, and then said “pills” — which he did understand.
I told him to swallow a multivitamin and a cod-liver-oil capsule.
“In my mouth?”
What was the clinking of glass that I could hear? The Old Man denied that there had been any such noise.
I told the Old Man to find the little oblong box.
Ferrous sulphate — the Old Man found it very hard to repeat or to comprehend the name of it, or even to understand what I wanted him to do. His voice was slurred.
I told him to omit the ferrous sulphate, and swallow the simvastatin. He had to go and get a refill of water.
The Old Man put the simvastatin into a cup of water, and swallowed it.
I asked him to find the co-codamol.
“I don’t know what you’re saying.” Then:
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Amlodipine?” — which he pronounced correctly, i.e. with the stress on the second syllable rather than the third!
He found the co-codamol, or so I thought — but his description of it revealed that it was another pink simvastatin. Again he offered amlodipine, then simvastatin, then simvastatin again.
Finally he found the co-codamol, apparently in the little box. I tried again for ferrous sulphate, but he kept offering co-codamol. I gave up.
The Old Man’s phone was engaged at 21:25 and 21:39.

[Original posting 3 June 2011]

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