Thursday 10-6-10: labelling the boxes

Shortly after breakfast the Old Man said that he didn’t think he’d last the night. Despite this self-dramatisation, he seemed in far better shape than on Tuesday 8 June.
We went shopping at MegaGroce, after which I went to Cheapo to buy labels that I could stick onto the new plastic boxes. (The Old Man whinged again about being left alone in the car.) Then we went to the GP surgery for the Old Man’s prescription, and from there to the chemist’s.
Bert’s was closed, so I bought fish and chips from Salty Sally’s. Smaller portions of fish there are cheap. The chips are OK, but the batter on the fish is oily. When we ate our lunch, the Old Man remarked (correctly) that the fish and chips weren’t as good as usual.
He repeatedly asked when his eye-test at the hospital was due to take place, and what day it was today.
It was the Duke of Edinburgh’s 89th birthday; the Old Man estimated his age at 74. He asked what year this was. He also asked what was the address of this house.
We received three automated phone-messages from the hospital. The first was while I was at Salty Sally’s, and the second was after lunch. I tried to deal with the second one, but the system would not respond to my voice. The Old Man dealt with the third message.
I applied coloured dots and white handwritten labels to the new plastic boxes: red dots and “DEEP” on the deep box, blue dots and “EVENING” on the oblong box.
“God help us all,” said the Old Man, a little acerbically, about the labelling of the boxes.
Despite re-reading the letter from the hospital, and despite several clarifications from myself, the Old Man was obsessed with the idea that he would be going to the hospital next day, to have his eyes tested.
We were watching the BBC Parliament channel. One MP who appeared was Jessica Lee, the Conservative MP for Erewash. The Old Man misread the name of her constituency as “Eyewash”.

[Original posting 10 June 2011]

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