Symptoms of second childhood

The Old Man pesters me to do things which are inadvisable, or which conflict with higher priorities, or which are incompatible with decisions taken previously, or which are impossible.

He keeps insisting that I should give him information that I do not have, or that I could not possibly have.

The Old Man does not appreciate that some things are best done in a particular order, or at a particular time, or after careful consideration of the options.

He changes the subject unpredictably and without warning.

He is frequently inconsequential and irresponsible.

He is often at his most painfully naïve when he imagines that he is being worldly-wise.

He can by turns be straightforward and evasive, lucid and obfuscatory, suggestible and obdurate, perceptive and obtuse.

[Original postings 26 & 28 May 2010; 7, 17, 27 & 29 June 2010]

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