Saturday 19-6-10: change and continuity

There was no reply when I phoned the Old Man at breakfast-time. I drove to Peakville without having spoken to him.
Disorder: the support-frame for the grill-pan was askew again, and the toilet seat had been dislodged again.
In front of Bert’s, two cars were parked: the grey car with the dent, and a little silver hatchback. Inside the shop, both men and both women were at work. Short Woman (who has dark hair) was wearing a lot more make-up than normal, and it made her look somewhat Chinese. For a couple of seconds I thought she was a new member of staff. I was served by Tall Woman, who uttered her customary “What’s yours?”
On the way back from shopping at MegaGroce, the Old Man remarked that it would be getting dark soon. The time was 16:00.
I took a brief rest after putting the shopping away, and then I mowed all four lawns.

[Original posting 19 June 2011]

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