Sunday 20-6-10: stock control

Disorder: when doing a stocktake of the Old Man’s medication, I found a box of simvastation in a box of gliclazide. Both boxes contained appropriate tablets.
I have removed from the living-room all stocks of medication that are not currently needed. This includes gliclazide tablets that have not been split into halves. Not-currently-needed stocks of medication are kept in my bedroom, in a not-very-obvious place.
While watching World Cup football, the Old Man made two remarks:
“Football’s getting to be a dirty game,” and, “Football’s getting out of hand.” By the second remark he meant the same as by the first.
The Old Man misread the name of the Brazilian footballer Luís Fabiano as “Lads Fabino”.

[Original posting 20 June 2011]

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