Wednesday 23-6-10: difficult evening

The Old Man sounded coherent at 07:40, but this didn’t last long. However, things were better than on most days of late.
He couldn’t find the lansoprazole in the deep box.
He put a dispersible aspirin into water, stirred it and drank.
I told him to pack everything back into the deep box, and get out the sandwich-box. He then offered simvastatin. I told him to get the correct box.

He found the Normulen package that contains gliclazide; then the bendroflumethiazide, and after a long pause the levothyroxine. When I told him to find amlodipine he offered simvastatin. When he found the amlodipine he asked me whether he should take two tablets of it.
At 08:03 he swallowed the tablets he had mustered. He couldn’t find the bendroflumethiazide, and wanted to look in the other box; I said no.
He found 2x co-codamol, and swallowed them.
I signed off at 08:15.

Our first contact that evening was at 19:45. The Old Man said he had been upstairs, but he sounded half-asleep. I told him I’d call back shortly for the evening medication session.
I called back at 20:20.
“Let’s get the lights on first,” said the Old Man.
There was a long pause.
He got out the blue-top and red-top bottles. I had to cut through some mumbling, and tell him to swallow the cod-liver-oil and multivitamin with water.
Again, he was trying to put these tablets into his cup.
He prevaricated about whether he’d swallowed them or not.
The time was already 20:40!
He swallowed the simvastatin without water. I then told him to drink some water.
We moved on to ferrous sulphate. The Old Man offered simvastatin, then “good and tablets” [sic], then simvastatin again.
“Are they out of a box or a basket?” he asked.
He offered amlodipine. I got him to check that he was still looking in the evening (oblong) box.
I decided to omit the ferrous sulphate. We moved on to co-codamol. He offered simvastatin.
He said that he had two big white tablets in front of him but had just taken out only one. I told him to swallow the one he had just taken out.
The Old Man said that he hadn’t had a banana that day; then that he had.
Our phone-call ended at 21:08.

[Original posting 23 June 2011]

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