Wednesday 30-6-10: “The gearing box?”

I first phoned the Old Man at 07:29. Looking for dispersible aspirin, he found the Normulen package — so I got him to swallow a half-tablet of gliclazide.
He said that there was something grey on the telephone-table, and that he thought it was mine. It wasn’t clear what this something was.

While searching for dispersible aspirin, the Old Man asked me:
“What do you want now?”
“Flexible.” — i.e. he was offering the cod-liver-oil capsules.
He found the levothyroxine and swallowed a tablet, but couldn’t find the dispersible aspirin.
Searching for amlodipine, he found the lansoprazole. There was a long pause, then:
“Is that it?” — he didn’t seem to have swallowed the lansoprazole, or even to have the capsule in front of him. I told him to take out a lansoprazole; it then seemed that he had taken out two capsules. He swallowed one capsule.
Searching again for amlodipine, he found the dispersible aspirin! He dissolved a tablet in water, and stirred it.
“It’s gone to broken,” he said. He drank the dissolved dispersible aspirin.
The Old Man finally found the amlodipine, and swallowed a tablet.
He told me that he had two tins [of what?] that he had won in the raffle at St Griselda’s the previous Thursday. This was the first I’d heard of them. One of the tins, he said, would be for me.
He searched for co-codamol, but it wasn’t clear whether he had found it.
Then he spoke again of the raffle, in which he and another man [!] had taken part.
Now it seemed that he had 2x co-codamol in front of him. He swallowed them.
“By the way, you owe me 5p,” said the Old Man — i.e. for the raffle-ticket that won the tin that he was going to give me.
Our phone-call ended at 08:09.
I noted that the Old Man hasn’t complained lately about pain in his knees.

Our first contact that evening was at 19:13. The Old Man had been in the bathroom. He sounded faint. I told him to eat something — he’d not had tea — and drink plenty of water.
I called again at 20:02. The Old Man said he had run out of bananas.
He swallowed a cod-liver-oil capsule and a multivitamin.
I told him to find the “evening” box with the blue dots.
“The gearing box?”
Looking for simvastatin, he offered lansoprazole.
He offered co-codamol and dispersible aspirin.
“Festival?” — I told him this question meant nothing to me. [Did he mean “dispersible”?]
He found the simvastatin and swallowed a tablet.
“Is that the lot?”
Looking for ferrous sulphate, he twice offered simvastatin. After searching for a long time, he asked:
“Is it in a box?”
He offered lansoprazole twice, then dispersible aspirin.
He did not find the ferrous sulphate, but he did find the co-codamol and swallowed two tablets.
It suddenly occurred to me: has the Old Man switched off the Sky decoder? Is that the reason why he cannot tune in any TV channels?
Our phone-call ended at 20:32.

[Original posting 30 June 2011]

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