Saturday 3-7-10: ten per cent price-rise

I drove to Peakville without first supervising the Old Man’s morning medication session. It made more sense to supervise a medication session after I arrived. (Compare Saturday 19 June 2010, when I did the same thing but for a different reason.)
At the chemist’s shop nowadays, as soon as I approach the counter, at least one member of staff realises that there must be a prescription on file for Mr Oldman.
Disorder: the grill-pan, again, and the toilet seat, again. Various items of medication were in the wrong boxes.
A letter was delivered at about noon. It was from Peakville hospital, notifying the Old Man that he had not attended his diabetic eye screening appointment on Thursday 17 June 2010. This confirmed what I had suspected.
At Bert’s, the only car parked in front of the shop was the little silver hatchback. Both men and both women were behind the counter. Short Woman, who was the one to serve me, has kept her new-style makeup. One feature of it is that she wears longer false eyelashes. The price of the peas has risen to 55p, a 5p increase since last time.
When the Old Man and I drove to MegaGroce after lunch, I had to stop at some roadworks not far from Salty Sally’s. When the temporary traffic-lights changed to green, the Old Man said:
As my car was third in the queue, and the two cars in front had not yet moved, I don’t know what he was expecting me to do.
I had seen Mr & Mrs CJ and their grandsons in their back garden, from my bedroom window, but had not spoken to any of them. That afternoon I was in the Old Man’s back garden, and I spoke to Mr CJ. Mrs CJ had been convalescing well from her hip replacement, but had probably done too much that week and had now gone to lie down. The grandchildren had gone home. They had stayed overnight recently, and had been taken out to the pub and to MegaBurger. Charlie, the elder boy, had been stricken with anxiety during the night, about some chicks that his class at school had hatched out — would they be all right?

[Original posting 3 July 2011]

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