Monday 5-7-10: an acquaintance in a flat cap

After breakfast I rebooked the Old Man’s diabetic eye screening appointment, for Thursday 15 July 2010. It was still not clear why he had not attended on 17 June. Had the taxi/ambulance not arrived, or had he not answered the knock on the door, or had he refused to go?
Mid-morning, we went to MegaGroce again. As we were leaving the house, an acquaintance of the Old Man’s and mine was passing by, wearing a flat cap. He was probably on his way to the corner shop. He asked us how the Old Man was, and reminded me that he used to fetch the evening newspaper, the Peakville Bugle, for the Old Man. (Nowadays, the Old Man no longer buys a newspaper.) I told our acquaintance that the Old Man was due to turn 88 in a couple of months.
At MegaGroce we bought some fruit. In place of oranges, we bought seedless grapes.
I undertook a stocktake of the Old Man’s medication, and replenished as necessary the stocks in his three plastic boxes.

[Original posting 5 July 2011]

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