Wednesday 7-7-10: doing all the swallowing

At 07:34 I asked the Old Man to find the deep box. First he offered the sandwich-box, then the evening box, and then the red-top bottle.
“MegaGroce,” he said — he was still looking at the red-top bottle.
“Blue spots?”
“We have this every day,” he complained. — i.e. we go through this kind of wrangling.

He offered simvastatin. Then at 07:42 he found the deep box.
He found the lansoprazole and took out a capsule. I told him to swallow it.
“I’m doing all the swallowing here.” [?!]
He found the dispersible aspirin, dissolved one, stirred, and drank.
I told the Old Man to repack the deep box.
“Repack?” he asked, unsure whether he should do it.
We moved on to the sandwich-box. At first he wanted to open up the little box. The sandwich-box wasn’t on top of the china-cabinet.
“Mortulen,” he offered. I said yes. He swallowed a half-tablet of gliclazide, and then a tablet of bendroflumethiazide.
We moved on to amlodipine. I’d overheard him say something about “wrong box”, and eventually it became clear that he was looking in the evening box. He found the amlodipine and swallowed a tablet. Of the levothyroxine, he asked:
“Which thing does it come in?” — i.e. which box. He found the levothyroxine and swallowed a tablet.
In the course of taking his 2x co-codamol, he remarked that he seemed to be taking more tablets these days. I explained to him that there had been no change to his prescription, but that last week he hadn’t been able to find all of his tablets.
I reminded the Old Man to eat some of his grapes, and that the District Nurse might call. (She has not yet started calling.)
I signed off at 08:22.

After phoning the Old Man at teatime, I tried to make contact again at 20:07. There was no response. Nor was there any response at 20:34.
He responded at 20:43, after I had let the phone ring for a couple of minutes. He sounded half-awake.
The Old Man found the red-top bottle quite quickly, but instead of the blue-top bottle he was offering co-codamol. When he had found the blue-top bottle and swallowed a cod-liver-oil capsule, the multivitamin from the red-top bottle was no longer to hand. I got him to take out another, and swallow it.
After swallowing a simvastatin, he looked for the ferrous sulphate. He offered Normulen, then (several minutes later) levothyroxine, then bendroflumethiazide. Finally he found the ferrous sulphate. “Yes!” I exclaimed; this made the Old Man chuckle. He swallowed the ferrous sulphate, followed by 2x co-codamol.
Our phone-call ended at 21:26.

[Original posting 7 July 2011]

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