Sunday 11-7-10: desperate aspirin

“Wait a minute, let’s open the curtains,” said the Old Man when I phoned him at 07:46.
I told him to find the deep box.
“Do you mean ‘desperate aspirin’?” asked the Old Man, before I knew that he’d found the deep box. I wanted to see to the lansoprazole first.

“Do you want the deep…?”
“Dísperal aspirin.” I told him to get one out. He found it, I heard him stirring — twice — and he drank it.
It became clear that he was looking in one of the other boxes.
“Lansoprazole? I’ve got it.”
Then he said he couldn’t find it. And then:
“I’ve got it in my hand.” — he was referring to the package of lansoprazole.
“A brown-and-white pill,” said the Old Man.
He swallowed the capsule.
I told the Old Man to repack the deep box. I signed off at 08:10.

At 08:40 I told the Old Man to find the sandwich-box — and I described it.
“I don’t get you,” he said. Eventually he understood.
He was looking for the Normulen package in the deep box.
“Mórbulen.” But when I mentioned half tablets, it seemed to click.
He found and swallowed his gliclazide and bendroflumethiazide. We moved on to amlodipine.
“I’ve got a white pink [sic].”
He found and swallowed the amlodipine — or I think he did.
For levothyroxine, he offered bendroflumethiazide.
He found the ferrous sulphate, so as per yesterday, I got him to swallow one. Also as per yesterday, he didn’t find the levothyroxine. When I pointed this out, the Old Man’s response was:
“Well, I didn’t find it today, either.”
He could not at first find the co-codamol, but then he did find one. I got him to swallow it, reckoning that he could have another after lunch — but I didn’t tell him that. (As there was no reply when I phoned the Old Man at lunchtime, he never did take the second co-codamol.)
I signed off at 09:08.

It was not until 15:39 that I was next able to make contact with the Old Man. He said that he hadn’t been anywhere. His water-bottle was empty, so I sent him off to fill it. I called back to make sure that he’d drunk some water.

When I phoned at 20:22, the Old Man sounded a bit faint.
I told him to find the blue-top and red-top bottles; at first he selected the deep box, but then he found the bottles and swallowed a cod-liver-oil capsule and a multivitamin.
He found the evening box after a few minutes.
“Silvastatin.” I asked what colour it was.
“Blue.” — he meant the package, I had meant the tablet.
He swallowed the simvastatin. He also had a white tablet (another simvastatin?), which I told him to put back into the evening box, loose.
“Codamol.” He found the co-codamol and swallowed one.
I signed off at 20:42.
I called again at 21:20, to say goodnight. “It’s Monday tomorrow,” I told the Old Man.
“Staying how long?” he replied. He thought I was coming to see him.

[Original posting 11 July 2011]

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