Wednesday 14-7-10: further consultation with Mrs CJ

I again made contact with the Old Man, at 19:42. He had a sixth of a bottle of water, so I sent him off to get some more.
I phoned again at 19:46, but it was 19:50 before he responded.
He found the blue-top and red-top bottles, and swallowed his cod-liver-oil capsule and multivitamin.

I got him to open the deep box and look for dispersible aspirin. He said something about “P.A.PEP” — probably his misreading of “DEEP”.
He found the dispersible aspirin, dissolved and stirred, and drank. I then told him to repack the deep box. We moved on to the evening box.
“Six dots.”
I askd him to open the box, but he queried my request. Then:
“I thought you said: ‘Empty it’.”
I repeated my request. We proceeded to finding the simvastatin.
“It’s simvastatin [sic].” (I don’t know what he thought I’d said.)
He found it, and swallowed a tablet.
When we came to the co-codamol, he said:
“Don’t forget the ‘ol’ on the end.”
He must have found the bubble-pack hard to open, because I overheard him say:
“Get a knife.” Then he asked:
“Two of those big uns?” — I had already told him to get out two of the tablets.
He swallowed 2x co-codamol.
“Do you want the lid back on that long one?” — i.e. the evening box. I answered yes.
I reminded the Old Man about his eye-test the next day, and I signed off at 20:10.
Then I phoned Mrs CJ and had a long conversation with her. She had gone round to see the Old Man during the day, on the pretext that she was going to the shops and did he want anything? He had asked her to buy some bread, soup and teabags. The cost had been £3.
Mrs CJ had been the person who phoned me at 19:01. She asked me, why does my phone think she is trying to send a fax?
She told me of how her mother had burnt food in the oven, and had flooded her flat by leaving the taps running.
I told her that this evening, the Old Man had not mentioned the events of the morning, nor his teeth — which Mrs CJ had not been able to find for him.
I also told Mrs CJ not to hesitate if ever she smelt burning and she thought the smell was emanating from the Old Man’s house. “Don’t think about dialling 999, just dial 999.”

[Original posting 14 July 2011]

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