Friday 16-7-10: serrous fulphate

At 07:32 the Old Man wasn’t sure how he felt. He seemed more cheerful when I told him that I’d be coming to see him the next day. We started with the deep box. Unprompted, the Old Man offered dispersible aspirin. He dissolved one, stirred and drank.

I told him to look for a loose bubble-pack of lansoprazole in the deep box. Very quickly, he said that he had found it. There was a pause, then:
“Believe it or not, there isn’t.” — i.e. there was no loose bubble-pack of lansoprazole.
I decided to move on to the sandwich-box. Again unprompted, the Old Man offered co-codamol, and then he offered Normulen.
“There’s five or six.” — i.e. that was the number of half tablets of gliclazide in the little bottle. He swallowed one.
We moved on to the bendroflumethiazide. He said that he had eight of them. (Why was he counting today?) He swallowed one.
Of the amlodipine tablet that he was about to swallow, the Old Man said:
“A bit bigger, this one.”
Next came ferrous sulphate.
“Serrous fulphate,” the Old Man mumbled back to me.
He offered lansoprazole, but then (predictably) said that the package was empty. I redirected him to the sandwich-box.
He offered bendroflumethiazide, then amlodipine.
We moved on to co-codamol, but he couldn’t find it. I suspected that he was looking in the deep box. I advised him to look in the sandwich-box.
“Co-co-codamol,” said the Old Man.
He found the co-codamol. I could hear him opening the package.
“They’re whoppers.” — but he’d got only one tablet out. I told him to get a second tablet out. He swallowed 2x co-codamol.
I got him to search again for ferrous sulphate, which he found!
“Only one?” asked the Old Man — i.e. should he take one or two tablets of ferrous sulphate.
I wasn’t sure whether he’d swallowed the one tablet of ferrous sulphate. He mumbled something, then:
“I’ve got it in my mouth.” He swallowed the tablet.
Our phone-call ended at 08:08. By current standards, this was a very smooth session.

I phoned the Old Man at 20:25 — it was our second contact of the evening. We started with the blue-top and red-top.
“One each?” he asked. He swallowed a cod-liver-oil capsule and a multivitamin.
He found the simvastatin, and swallowed one.
He offered ferrous sulphate — but he had taken one that morning, so I told him not to take another.
He found the co-codamol and swallowed one.
I remarked to the Old Man what a smooth quick session this had been.
The Old Man remarked that I ‘d said I’d be coming to Peakville tomorrow. (He thought tomorrow was a Friday.) But he also seemed surprised that I hadn’t yet come to Peakville. There was no logic to it.
I signed off at 20:41.

[Original posting 16 July 2011]

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