Saturday 17-7-10: a new toaster

I phoned the Old Man at 07:15. “Are you having breakfast?” I asked him.
“I’m just breading them…” “I’m just putting them to…”
I took all this to mean that he was grilling some toast.

When I arrived at the Old Man’s house, Charlie and Karl were playing on their scooters in Mr & Mrs CJ’s paved front garden.
I supervised the Old Man’s morning medication after I arrived at Peakville.
The degree of disorder was about average.
The grey car and the little silver hatchback were parked in front of Bert’s. I didn’t see Bert behind the counter. Perhaps Junior had done the cooking — the chips were not quite as crisp as usual. Short Woman served me.
After lunch, as I reversed out of the driveway on the way to MegaGroce, the Old Man’s acquaintance was heading towards us, on our side of the street. We waved to him, and he to us.
While we were looking at toasters in MegaGroce, a middle-aged woman wheeling her trolley along the aisle recommended one MegaGroce own-brand model, which she said she had bought recently, though since then the price had increased by “a couple of pounds”. We decided to buy one ourselves. It seemed substantial, and looked smart in its silver finish.
The instructions for the toaster recommended putting it through several toasting cycles without bread, to burn it in. I did so, and then cooked toast for our tea.

[Original posting 17 July 2011]

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