Sunday 18-7-10: an accident that wasn’t his fault

At about 06:30 I was heading upstairs when I heard a noise. I thought it was the bathroom door closing, but not so. Then I heard the Old Man calling for help. In the bedroom, he had somehow pulled the bedside cabinet towards him, so that he was having to support it to prevent it toppling onto him. The clock radio and the lamp, but not the TV, had slid from the top of the cabinet and onto the floor.
With some difficulty I righted the bedside cabinet, and pushed shut the three full-width drawers.
I asked the Old Man what he had done to make the cabinet fall over.
“I was just putting my shoes on,” was his reply.
The Old Man’s watch had been missing all weekend. Later that day I found it under the pillows on the wardrobe side of the bed. (The Old Man sleeps on the bedside cabinet side of the bed.)

[Original posting 18 July 2011]

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