Tuesday 20-7-10: toasting or not?

At 07:31 I tried to start the Old Man on the deep box. He offered co-codamol.
“Narrow?” — so presumably he was looking in the evening box.
“Which box?” he asked.
I wanted him to start with the lansoprazole, but he offered dispersible aspirin so I decided to go with that. He said there was nothing in the bubble-pack, so I told him to get another.

He found a dispersible aspirin, dissolved it, stirred and drank. The time was now 07:47 — sixteen minutes had elapsed, and he had taken one item of medication.
We switched to finding the lansoprazole. After some noises off, he found it and swallowed a capsule. I told him to repack the deep box. “Then we’re moving on.”
“You’re going?” he asked.
The Old Man offered the evening box instead of the sandwich-box. When he located the sandwich-box, I told him to look for the Normulen package.
“Half tablets?”
“You’ll be getting fresh…” — he meant fresh supplies of half tablets of gliclazide. I advised him that I had replenished the bottle of half tablets on Sunday. He found the gliclazide, and swallowed a half tablet.
“Lendro…” [sic] He found the bendroflumethiazide, and swallowed a tablet.
While he was searching for the amlodipine, there were some more noises off, and he coughed once.
While he was searching for the levothyroxine, he gave a triple cough.
He found both the amlodipine and the levothyroxine; he swallowed those tablets.
Having found the co-codamol, he said:
“Two big whopping… together.” He swallowed 2x co-codamol.
I told the Old Man to repack the sandwich-box.
The Old Man hadn’t had breakfast. I reminded him, three times [!] , how to operate the new toaster.
Our phone-call ended at 08:19.

When I phoned the Old Man at 18:43, I asked him whether he had used the toaster. He hadn’t. Had he used the grill instead? Yes he had. Why?
“Oh, no, I didn’t toast at all!” he replied.

We started the evening medication session at 20:23. The Old Man found the blue-top and red-top, and he swallowed a cod-liver-oil capsule and a multivitamin.
The Old Man claimed he had found the simvastatin, but it took a while for me to be sure that it was the simvastatin that he had got. He swallowed a tablet.
When we moved on to ferrous sulphate, I had to say its name four times before the Old Man understood. He found it and swallowed a tablet.
He found the co-codamol, and asked:
“Shall I put it down [sic] my mouth?” He referred to the co-codamol tablet as “whopping” (that word again), and he swallowed it.
I rang off at 20:43

At 21:14 I phoned the Old Man and told him to make sure he had a loaf out of the freezer, for Wednesday’s breakfast. He went off to check, and I rang off.
I rang back, and found that he’d looked in the dining-room (where there was no bread left) rather than in the freezer. He said he’d go and look in the freezer. I signed off for the evening.

[Original posting 20 July 2011]

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