Friday 23-7-10: discussion with Mrs CJ

After I finished speaking to the Old Man at 08:16, I phoned Mrs CJ and spoke with her for about ten minutes. I advised her: “Don’t be surprised if my Dad rings you and tells you that he’s got no bread. It isn’t true. I put three large loaves in his freezer. Point him in that direction.”

We also discussed the Old Man’s habit of barring the glass sliding door before he goes to bed. Mrs CJ remembered the night (28 November 2009) when the police had been called out. I told her that, now I had permanently hidden the length of wood he had used to bar the door, and hid the wooden trays at night so that he could not use those either, he had taken to using a plastic washing-up bowl to bar the sliding door.
Mrs CJ told me something I did not previously know: that the District Nurse had visited the Old Man on the Wednesday or the Thursday. (Hence the knock on the front door which the Old Man reported on the Thursday morning? But she normally visits on Wednesdays.) Mrs CJ had helped her to gain access to the house. They had banged on the living-room window, but by then the Old Man had been on his way to the front door. The District Nurse had seemed a bit surprised that the Old Man was wearing odd shoes. I told Mrs CJ that he doesn’t do that in my experience.
I also told Mrs CJ about what had happened at 06:30 on Sunday 18 July 2010. She and Mr CJ had not heard anything.
Mr CJ’s late mother (who would now have been over 90) had lived on Metroland Road, backing on to the local park. It had been difficult for Mrs CJ to persuade her to lock her back door.

[Original posting 23 July 2011]

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