Friday 23-7-10: later than late for tea

At 20:27 I made contact with the Old Man for the second time that evening. I had to ring three times before he responded. He said he had been in the toilet.

He found the blue-top and red-top bottles, and swallowed the cod-liver-oil capsule and the multivitamin — with a little coughing. I asked him how he was feeling.
“Not so dusty,” he replied. I told him to get the evening box.
“The narrow box?” he asked.
Looking for simvastatin, he offered ferrous sulphate; I said yes.
He prevaricated about whether he’d got a ferrous sulphate tablet out or not, but his description of the tablet seemed reasonably accurate.
He swallowed the ferrous sulphate tablet, and then had to go off to refill his water-bottle.
“Simlastatin.” He found the simvastatin, and swallowed a tablet.
Of the co-codamol, he said:
“I can’t see where they are.”
There was a pause. I asked him: “Are you looking in the box with the six blue dots?”
“I’ll do that,” he replied.
He offered ferrous sulphate, then lansoprazole. He could not find the co-codamol.
I said to the Old Man that I was going to bed, and asked him whether he had had tea. He hadn’t. I told him to go and get something to eat. Had he had a cup of tea? — He rang off, perhaps because he thought I was heading straight off to bed.
I rang back, and learnt that he’d not had a cup of tea. I told him to go and get one.
Our phone-call ended at 21:03.

[Original posting 23 July 2011]

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