Saturday 24-7-10: later than late for lunch

When I phoned him at 13:15, the Old Man complained:
“It’s a poor joke.” He claimed that someone “with the same voice as yours” had phoned him and told him that they would be paying him a visit. It seemed that this had led the Old Man to postpone his lunch. I told him what he should still have in the fridge that he could cook for lunch. He rang off abruptly.
When I phoned at 16:50 and asked him what he had had for lunch, he replied rather whimsically:
“Why do you want to know?”
At 17:55 the Old Man said he was not feeling well, but he did not ache. I suspected that his blood-sugar level was low, and I sent him off to get something to eat.
At 18:26 he had still not eaten. When I pressed him about that, he said, “Argh!” (an exclamation of impatience and annoyance); then he immediately rang off.

[Original posting 24 July 2011]

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