Monday 26-7-10: Peakville Infirmary / letting people know

From 07:32 I phoned the Old Man three times, but there was no response. Ditto from 07:42.
From 08:02 I phoned him four times — no response.
From 08:16 I phoned him four (?) times — no response.
At 08:22 I phoned Mrs CJ, and she agreed to go round.
I phoned the Old Man again, and he answered the phone — mumbling. I could hear Mrs CJ in the background, so I asked him to let me speak to her.
“I think he’s had a stroke, or something,” she said to me. I told her to dial 999.

At 08:38 a male paramedic phoned me. He asked me a few questions. The Old Man was talking.
The paramedics were going to take him to hospital — Peakville Infirmary.

At 08:50 I spoke again to Mrs CJ. I confirmed that, as far as I knew, the Old Man did not suffer from any allergies. The paramedics had determined that his blood-sugar was low — this did not surprise me.
It soon became clear that the Old Man had not suffered a stroke. His blood-sugar was low because he had not been eating, but had still been taking the gliclazide which is intended to control his type 2 diabetes.

There was no reply when I phoned two members of the family, my late cousin C’s daughter and granddaughter. They both live in Greenshire.
I phoned my friends Mr & Mrs GM, to inform them about the Old Man. Mr GM suffered a stroke some time ago, but as far as I can see he doesn’t show any symptoms of it now.
When I phoned cousin Z, she said that she would send the Old Man a get-well card. She told me that she has recently become a great-grandmother.
As I was tired, I decided it was safer to postpone my journey to Peakville until the Tuesday.

[Original postings 26 July 2011]

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