Monday 2-8-10: in the frame

I phoned Peakville Cataract Clinic, and explained that the Old Man was in Peakville Infirmary, and so was not able to attend the Cataract Clinic at present.
Since returning to Suburbia Somnolenta on Saturday 31 July 2010, I have intermittently felt uneasy, as though I had forgotten to do something but could not work out what that something was. Then I have realised that what I have not been doing is phoning the Old Man at home, because he is in Peakville Infirmary.
When I phoned Peakville Infirmary that evening, one of the nurses told me that the physiotherapist had recommended that the Old Man should walk with a frame rather than with a walking-stick, and that he had been walking well that way. (I made the same remark to her that I made to Mrs CJ on Thursday 29 July 2010, about authority-figures being better able to persuade the Old Man than I am.) Otherwise the Old Man had had a good day: he had been reminiscing, eating and drinking.

[Original posting 2 August 2011]

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