Jewellery and medals

The Old Man and the Deceased Lady used to holiday in Florida quite often in the 1980s and 1990s. One year the Deceased Lady came up with a good idea (or so she thought!) — she was going to take all her jewellery to Florida with her, and keep it in the safe in the hotel room. So as to get her to change her mind, I had to exaggerate my genuine exasperation, and firmly tell her: “That is a thoroughly bad idea. Hotel rooms are not secure.” She backed down, and agreed to leave her jewellery with me while she was away.
The Deceased Lady died in 2005, and I kept her jewellery including her wedding-ring. At the funeral, in a pre-arranged move, the funeral-director discreetly slipped into my hand a little envelope that contained the Deceased Lady’s wedding-ring. I didn’t want the Old Man to see it in case the sight of it upset him.
In April 2010, the Old Man and I decided that I should take his war medals away and keep them in a secure place. He was becoming paranoid as his dementia progressed, and he was worried that Mr CJ (his excellent next-door neighbour) was going to steal the medals and his building-society passbook.

[Original posting 5 August 2011]

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