Saturday 7-8-10: visiting great-grandmother

After doing some shopping at MegaGroce on the morning of Saturday 7 August 2010, I had a conversation with Mrs CJ who was hanging out clothes on her washing-line. I told her how the Old Man’s mental state had regressed.
She told me that when her mother had died, the family had explained to Charlie, who was a very small boy at the time, that Jesus had invited great-grandmother to live with him. She was now a star that twinkled in the sky. Charlie had seen a star twinkling, and had supposed that this must be great-grandmother. So he had asked:
“Can we go and visit her?”
Charlie’s mother and Mrs CJ had told him no, it was too far. This had not deterred Charlie.
“We’ve got a big ladder in the garage.”


The similarities between this anecdote and Second Time Mummy’s post The Day Mister A Made Me Cry are remarkable.


[Original posting 7 August 2011]

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