Sunday 5-9-10: another fall

Mrs CJ and I talked on the phone. The events of Saturday reminded me that a few months previously, the Old Man had phoned Mrs CJ and asked:
“Is [the Deceased Lady] there?”
When I got home to Suburbia Somnolenta, I found that I had received a voicemail from the staff nurse at Eastwood Priory, informing me that the Old Man had had a fall. He had slipped on a wet patch on the smooth flooring of the bathroom. However, he seemed fine.

Later, I phoned Eastwood Priory and was able to speak to him.
“I hear you’ve had a fall.”
“Falls? I’m always having falls,” he replied rather dismissively. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear. It may or may not be the truth, but it is disconcertingly plausible.

[Original posting 5 September 2011]

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