Monday 20-9-10: Harry and Mr BC

That morning, Francesca phoned me. We arranged that the Old Man’s house would be surveyed on Monday 27 September 2010.
As I was packing the car, in preparation for my return to Suburbia Somnolenta, an acquaintance of the Old Man’s was passing by. (He is the man who was passing by on the morning when the Old Man lost his front-door key.) Again he stopped to chat.
I discovered that his name is Harry. One of his neighbours is Mr BC, who is 95 and housebound. I did not know that he was still alive. His daughter visits him. Not long ago he fell over in the entrance-hall of his house, and Harry — who could see him through the keyhole — called out the emergency services. Mr BC’s daughter then arrived, with the key to the house.
When I told Mrs CJ about the Old Man’s claim that he dashed downstairs, she said that when her mother was in Peakville Infirmary, on the top floor, she would talk about going upstairs to bed. Mrs CJ had responded that she couldn’t do that unless she got onto the roof.
Mrs CJ’s mother broke her hip at the age of 85. Despite that, she lived to be over 90.
Mrs CJ is looking forward to the Old Man coming home.
I hope the Old Man won’t be expecting the Deceased Lady to be there.

[Original posting 20 September 2011]

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