Cakes pies and puddings

When it came to baking cakes and pies, the Deceased Lady always compared herself unfavourably with the Old Man’s sister. Actually, she was nearly as good — and the two of them mostly baked different things. In my view, the Deceased Lady was better at cooking meat and potatoes and other vegetables than the Old Man’s sister was.
One thing the Deceased Lady did very well was Christmas puddings. She used a recipe from her cousin Mrs Lee. For years, I thought that this recipe had been lost. Earlier this month, it turned up.
The recipe is not much more than a list of ingredients on a piece of notepaper:

Xmas pud
5oz flour plain
4oz currants
4oz Sultanas
8oz Raisins
1½ tesp[sic] almond essence
1 Pinch salt
½ pint of Barley wine
2oz Bread crumbs Browned in the oven
4oz Suet
4oz Brown Sugr[sic]
4oz Shredded apples
1oz mixed Peel
2 Beaten eggs
Juice half a lemon

The only instructions are as above: brown the breadcrumbs and shred the apples. The rest I’ll have to guess.

[Original posting 22 September 2011]

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