Monday 27-9-10: a thorough survey

Francesca and her colleague N arrived promptly at 09:30. I saw the two of them walking round nearby a little earlier — spying out the lie of the land, no doubt.
They looked at every room in the house, including the pantry.
One possibility is that the Old Man could come home, but be restricted to “a downstairs existence”.
“Existence” is probably the operative word.
Francesca told me that the Old Man had recently not been as co-operative with the physiotherapists and other rehab therapy staff as he had originally been. This corroborated what the nurse had told me on the Sunday afternoon.
I visited the Old Man in the afternoon, and took him to the café in a wheelchair. After less than an hour, he said that he wanted to go back “to the other room” — i.e. the lounge. I got him back onto the wheelchair, and returned him to the lounge.
I wrote for Francesca a list of people the Old Man had known at work and at the Sunlit Uplands golf club, to aid him in reminiscing.

[Original posting 27 September 2011]

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